How to Update Garmin C330 GPS device online?

Like other technical devices, you can install updates on Garmin devices Garmin c330 as well. The procedure for Updating Garmin device online is as follows


Step 1
Connect your Garmin StreetPilot C330 to your computer and then open the WebUpdater page.

Step 2
Click the “Download” link in the “Step 1” section, and then Select the appropriate “Links” for your OS

Step 3
Accept the terms and conditions and then click “Download”. click “Run” when the “Do you want to run this software?” message appears.

Step 4
Click “Next,” accept the licensing terms, and then click “Next” again to install WebUpdater. Click “Done” when the installation process completes.

Step 5
Click Start button > “All Programs” >”WebUpdater” to launch the program.

Step 6
Select >”Next” >”Find Device>”Garmin StreetPilot C330″. if the WebUpdater doesn’t trace it automatically and click “Next.”

Step 7
Choose “Next” again to update the GPS’s software latest version. When the process completes, select the boxes next to the additional updates you want to install. Select updates related to firmware, GPS software, Bluetooth, vehicles and voice languages.

Step 8
Read and accept the agreement to install additional updates. Click “Finish” and disconnect the USB cable.

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