How to troubleshoot Synchronization issue in ANT + wearable fitness device with Garmin Express?

Many times, Garmin Express display technical issues and do not synchronize with the wireless ANT fitness device. However, it is possible to eradicate this problem by following a simple few steps only.

Find below the step by step troubleshooting instructions for synchronization issue with Garmin Express.

Device Communication:

Verify USB ANT stick in connected properly to the computer system.

  • Connect the ANT stick to another USB port.
  • Try to avoid connecting ANT stick via laptop dock, USB hub or extension cable.

Eliminate the possible obstacle to the wireless communication

  • Place your device within the range of 3 meters (9 feet) of the ANT stick.
  • ANT devices use 2.4 GHz frequency which is used by several other devices as well. Try to avoid placing other devices, which use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other wireless communication medium, next or in between device and ANT stick. It may be essential to turn off Bluetooth on these devices or turn them off completely.
  • Check that the device memory is not running low. It is possible to delete an uploaded activity on Garmin Connect from the device.
  • Make sure that the power save mode is not turned on the device.


How to troubleshoot Synchronization issue in ANT + wearable fitness device with Garmin Express copy

Garmin Express:

  • Make sure to have an updated Garmin Express version.
  • Check that the device selected in Garmin Express is correct.
    1. Select Tools & Content.
    2. Confirm that displayed serial number and the one printed on the device label is same.
  • In case, the serial number is not matching, select Home and choose the right device. Moreover, to add a device to Express, select ‘Add a Device’ option.
  • Make sure the computer’s time, time zone and date are correct.
  • If any corrupted file is present on the device, the Garmin Express will display the error message ‘Some files cannot be uploaded to Garmin Connect’.
  • Restart your computer system.
  • Try to record 50 steps or create a test activity on the device. Afterward, try to synchronize the data once again.
  • After successful synchronization, you can delete a test activity from the Garmin Connect.

In case, the above-given steps fail to synchronize the device with Garmin Express, contact Garmin Tech Support for assistance.


Call Garmin Customer Service 1-866-447-6139