How to setup Wi-Fi calling on Android mobile (GSM only)?

It’s very easy to setup Wi-Fi calling on your GSM Android device. For this, follow the below instructions to enable Wi-Fi calling and set up the calling preferences.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling

Follow the below steps to enable the WiFi calling on your Android device.

  • First, go to the Wireless and Network Settings of your Android device.
  • Now choose More Networksor More option from there.
  • Next look for the Wi-Fi Calling option and enable it.
  • Finally, your device is ready for Wi-Fi calling. After this you will wish to set upthe Wi-Fi calling preferences. Read below steps to set up your preferences.

How to setup Wi-Fi calling on Android mobile (GSM only)?

Set you your Wi-Fi Calling Preferences:

  • Firstly, tap on ‘Wi-Fi calling’ (don’t tap on the enable/disable button).
  • Now tap on the ‘Connection preferences’ option.
  • Choose any of the following options:
  • Wi-Fi preferred –When you choose it then whenever a Wi-Fi network is available then your device will connect to the Wi-Fi network instead of using the cellular network.
  • Never use cellular network –On choosing this option your device will use only Wi-Fi networks for calls.
  • Cellular network preferred –If you choose this option then your device will use any available Wi-Fi network for only calls when there is no cellular network available.

If you are not able to set up Wi-Fi calling or want help about it then visit our site.

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