Register a Garmin Product In Just A Minute With This Guide

Registering your Garmin device is very important in order to avail some exclusive benefits. If you have a Garmin device but you never registered it, you are losing several perquisites. If you are not a registered member, just follow these points to register your Garmin device or need garmin support or call 1-866-447-6139

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Garmin Registration Page

The first step you have to take is to visit the Garmin registration page. Just select your preferred language from the options and select your device from the category. You can find automotive, Outdoor, Sports & Fitness, Marine and Aviation category. If you registered member do login here.

Garmin Express App

Some devices can only be registered after downloading the Garmin Express app. Select ‘OK’ for the prompt message and proceed with the downloading.


If you already have a Garmin ID, sign in and if not, create one. Just enter your Name, Email id and Device details and create a password. On clicking next, your Garmin ID will be generated.


If you want to subscribe for promotion or new products, you can click on the adjacent box stating it. On clicking on ‘Create Account’, your Garmin ID will be created, and your Garmin device will be linked to it.

Items Required For Registration

  • Garmin product serial number
  • Garmin product
  • USB cable
  • Garmin Communicator plugin

Call Garmin Customer Service 1-866-447-6139