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How To Register a Garmin Device and Signup For An Account?

It is important to register a Garmin device to ensure security and get access to maximum features of the device. The procedure to register a Garmin product is as follows

  1. Go to Product Registration page of the company at
  2. Select a category to which the product belongs in
  3. Follow prompts shown on their computer screen
  4. Install Garmin Express app
  5. Sign up for a Garmin account to tie up your device with owners myGarmin account
  6. On the registration page, click on Create Account and enter your details including, full name, email ID and password.
  7. Check the box next to Sign Up for Email “I would also like to receive email about promotions and new products”. The step is optional, you can skip it
  8. Click on Create Account. That is all you need to open a Garmin account

Call Garmin Customer Service 1-833-201-7912