Never miss a turn with new GPS chips in 2018 smartphones

Thinking about using actual physical maps for direction looks like a little bit crazy. We are dependable on satnav devices in our cars or smartphones navigational applications for directions. Moreover, we have taken Google Maps for granted, only by typing the address we get the entire route from our current location to the destination. This is possible only because of the amazing GPS capabilities of our mobile phones and it would become more accurate in the next generation of smartphones.

Inaccurate GPS will soon be a past thing according to IEEE Spectrum report, therefore, no more missing turns. Broadcom has announced recently brand new chips for improving the GPS accuracy from the 5 meters, at present we only get 30 centimeters. Not only this, there will be more reliable and completely built-in inner city areas and the new chips will consume only half the power of current’s chips.

Though BCM47755 are not being mass produced, it is planned to include them in the new phones from next year onwards.

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