How To Install Map Updates On Garmin Devices

Having a Garmin GPS device is a huge benefit if you easily get lost on roads. However, your GPS device is no good if it’s not up-to-date. The latest map updates contain accurate geographical information so it’s always beneficial to install these updates. Using Garmin Express you can download and install the latest map updates on your device. The instructions below can help you install map updates on your Garmin device using Garmin Express:

Install Garmin Express

Garmin Express is required to install map updates. Go through the below steps for setting up Garmin Express on your computer.

  1. Open the official Garmin website
  2. Download Garmin Express for your Mac or Windows computer.
  3. Open the downloaded .dmg or .exe installer.
  4. Read the terms and conditions and accept them by checking the box next to the agreement.
  5. Follow the displayed instructions for completing the installation.
  6. Check the ‘Launch Garmin Express’ box once the installation is complete.

This will set up Garmin Express on your computer which can be used for installing map updates on your Garmin device.

Install Map Updates

  1. Connect your computer and Garmin Device using a USB cable.
  2. Click on Updates at the top center. This will display all the updates available for your device.
  3. Click on Install All for installing all the available updates. Installation might take several minutes to complete.
  4. Follow the displayed instructions to finish the update once the installation is complete.
  5. Disconnect the computer and Garmin Device once the update is complete.

You can now use your Garmin Device with the latest and accurate geographical information.

Troubleshoot Map Updates

Sometimes the updates fail due to numerous reasons. The steps below can be used for troubleshooting the updates.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Garmin Express if the map update fails. This removes any outdated or corrupt files that may cause update failure.
  2. Disable the firewall on your Mac or Windows computer if map update never completes or takes an abnormally long time. Sometimes the firewall settings may interfere with Garmin Express which can result in update delays.
  3. Restart your computer after automatic software updates for Garmin Express are installed. This removes any outdated temporary files from the previous installation.
  4. Directly use Garmin Express Garmin Map Update option if map updates are still failing. This option bypasses certain computer settings that may be interfering with the updates.
    • Open Garmin Express and go to myMaps tab.
    • Click on Garmin Map Update application and then choose Run.
    • Click on Continue and accept the terms and conditions.
    • Click on Continue and choose Yes when the prompt for reinstalling map update appears.
    • Select the geographical region accordingly for the map updates and click on OK.

This will install the available map updates on your Garmin device.

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