Garmin Gets Approved For GFC 500 Autopilot In Various Aircraft Models

It is a pleasure for Garmin to announce that it has received the Supplemental Type Certification (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for GFC 500 autopilot in several aircraft models. The GFC 500 is intended for piston single-engine aircraft. It delivers remarkable self-monitoring abilities, in-flight characteristics and minimum maintenance requirements as compared to the previous generations of autopilot systems.

New Models Of Aircraft That Are Approved For GFC 500 Autopilot Include:

  • Piper PA-28 (140)
  • Grumman AA-5 (AG-5B Tiger, AA-5B Tiger, AA-5A Cheetah, AA-5 Traveler)

The GFC 500 autopilot differently coordinates with G5 electronic flight equipment or a combination of both G500 TXi and G5 flight display in order to offer a modern and economical autopilot solution to the pilots. The autopilot mode controller consists of big dedicated knobs and keys, a control wheel which allows easy adjustments in the vertical speed, airspeed and aircraft pitch and a level button which can return the aircraft to a straight and level flight. As a special feature, pilots obtain Garmin ESP with GFC 500 autopilot.

This helps the pilot to maintain the aircraft in steady and balanced flight conditions. ESP independently works as the autopilot and runs in the background. This allows pilots to avoid reckless bank angles or flight attitudes and offers airspeed protection when the pilot hand flies the aircraft.

Besides the traditional autopilot capacities like vertical speed, heading modes, and altitude hold, the GFC 500 also consists of the following features:

  • An optional pitch trim servo which adds manual electric trim and automatic trim.
  • Pilots can easily fly coupled go-arounds while sequencing missed approaches. A go-around button which is remotely installed, commands the Flight Director. This displays the suitable pitch attitude needed for the missed approach process and triggers a loaded missed approach procedure after it gets paired with GTN 650/750 navigator.
  • The over-speed protection which helps the pilots to prevent the aircraft speed to reach its maximum value.
  • The under-speed protection which helps the pilots to prevent the aircraft from stalling.
  • It has a level mode. This engages the autopilot automatically to return the aircraft in a straight and level flight.
  • The Built-in GPS with roll steering capability that can eliminate the requirement of external roll steering converters. If installed with a suitable navigator, this allows effortless navigation tracking.
  • Pilots can couple, select and fly different back course approaches and instrument approaches such as LOC, VOR, ILS, and GPS.
  • Pilots can fly completely coupled descent VNAV (Vertical Navigation) profiles throughout the terminal phases and the entire journey of the flight with the GTN 750/650 navigator.
  • Advanced capabilities and premium functions such as indicated airspeed hold mode and altitude preselect.

Garmin is also looking forward to expanding its range of aircraft models which are approved for GFC 500 autopilot. Forthcoming models of such aircraft include:

  1. Mooney M20
  • Models: S, R, M, K, J, G, F
  1. Cessna 210
  • Models: T210N, 210N, T210M, 210M, T210L, 210L
  1. Beechcraft Debonair or Bonanza
  • Models: G33, F33C (limited), F33A, F33, E33C, E33A, E33, C33A, C33, B33, A33, 33

For the users who already possess a G5 electronic flight equipment, the suggested retail price of GFC 500 for a two-axis autopilot starts at $6,995. You can get GFC 500 with G5 electronic flight instrument at a suggested retail price of $10,000 or even less.

Garmin maintains the continuous progress towards broadening its list of aircraft approval for GFC 500 and GFC 600 autopilots. If you wish to see the most updated list of STC aircraft and the certifications which are expected to start within next twelve months or if you are willing to express your interest in any particular aircraft model, please visit the official website of Garmin: or

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