Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation has been ranked as one of the largest Cable TV and broadcast-assisting company.  The foundation of this company was led in 1963, the company holds a name in telecommunication and broadcasting since then. It is basically an American multinational broadcasting company that works upon broadcasting, telecommunication, and cable TV related business sectors. This organization is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Comcast Xfinity and NBC Universal are the two main divisions of this company. Other divisions include Midco, Comcast Interactive Media, and Comcast Spectator.

Comcast Corporation

Origin of Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation started its journey from Tupelo, Mississippi. And initiated its development as a small cable-service providing organization, since early 1960s. During that time, the company was known as American Cable Systems Inc., providing CATV in USA.

The CATV(Community Antenna Television services) based business was focussed upon the establishment of commercial television stations in rural areas. As during that time, these facilities were only confined to the larger metropolitan cities.

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