Simple Steps To Convert Garmin To IGO

IGO and Garmin, both are Global Positioning Systems (GPS). A GPS presents a map of your current location and then estimates all the information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and trip distance. A GPS is capable of working in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, day or night around the world. You are required to convert your Garmin map into IGO format if you want to...

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Garmin Gets Approved For GFC 500 Autopilot In Various Aircraft Models

It is a pleasure for Garmin to announce that it has received the Supplemental Type Certification (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for GFC 500 autopilot in several aircraft models. The GFC 500 is intended for piston single-engine aircraft. It delivers remarkable self-monitoring abilities, in-flight characteristics and minimum maintenance requirements as compared to the...

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Where do I update my Garmin GPS?

A GPS unit acts like an asset in finding your desired destination without struggling with the routes and unknown roads. So, you need to keep your GPS unit up to date. This can be done with Garmin Express program offered by the company. To update your Garmin GPS, you need to follow these step by step instructions: Connect your Garmin GPS device to a computer. Install Garmin Express app on the...

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How much are Garmin map updates?

Usually, Garmin requires you to pay for most of its GPS map updates, but you can download Garmin map updates for 90 days without paying any cost if you are a recent buyer of Garmin GPS device. Although I have purchased a lifetime subscription for my Garmin device which I find to be the best way to obtain all the latest map updates without any worry. The company offers such lifetime subscriptions...

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How To Do Garmin Map Updates?

If you own a Garmin Nuvi 40, you’ll need to first access – to look for the certain set of Garmin map updates. In case your device is not listed there, you can find different map updates on according to your device. By signing into the Garmin website, you can make free map updates for lifetime. Just install Garmin Express. Connect your device to your...

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Why Can’t My Computer Detect My Garmin?

First of all, don’t worry as it’s not a big issue. But, it may hamper some of your time & task you are looking out to complete on your Garmin golf device. If your computer doesn’t recognize your Garmin golf device (Approach G8), follow these steps – Unplug your device and turn it back again Put your USB cable into the device and plug the USB cable back into your...

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