A Guide To Get Free Garmin GPS Map Update

Are you facing trouble while updating your Garmin GPS? Then this article is for you as it covers all important topics that you would want to know such as

  • What is Garmin GPS Map?
  • Installing Garmin Map on Windows or Mac PC
  • Free Garmin GPS map update
  • Common issues experienced during updates
  • Resolving these issues

What is Garmin GPS Map?

The founders of Garmin, Gary Burrell and Min Kao started this company in 1989. The firm ‘Garmin Ltd.’ is headquartered in Olathe, Kansas and is now a renowned multinational technology firm. This company is specialized in producing high-quality GPS devices for automotive, marine, aviation, outdoor, and sports activity. These also manufacture wearable gadgets to compete with Apple and Fitbit. The firm runs a software ‘Garmin Express’ which is used in downloading and/or updating GPS maps and software on the devices.

Installing Garmin Map on Windows or Mac PC

Installation on Windows:

  • First, Install the Garmin USB driver software and then
  • Install Garmin Communicator Plugin
  • Check that your browser has detected the device. The web browsers that support Garmin Communicator Plugin are Internet Explorer 7 and above, Firefox, and Opera.
  • This plugin is not supported by Google Chrome

Installation on Mac:

  • Install Garmin Communicator Plugin
  • Check that your browser is detecting the Garmin device.
  • Only Firefox and Safari support Garmin Communicator Plugin

Free Garmin GPS map update

If you use a GPS device, then you would know how important it is to timely update it with latest maps. All the recent updates are available on the internet and one can download them to update the device at no additional cost. Particularly for Garmin, one has to download three software whose total size is about 2GB.

Follow these below-mentioned steps to update your device:

  • Create a Garmin account by visiting the official website
  • Enter the necessary details
  • Agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box
  • Register on your device
  • Select the device type
  • Complete the registration by following the instructions
  • Now you can easily download the map updates.
  • Connect your Garmin device to a computer and log in to the Garmin account
  • Click on the ‘free updates download’ option
  • Click on ‘download’ and enter your product key
  • The screen will show updating device software. Click on the ‘Accept the license agreement’.
  • Follow the steps as instructed and select the download option
  • After the download is complete, run GarminMapUpdateX.X.exe on windows and GarminMapUpdateX.X.dmg on Mac system.
  • Select the device which is to be updated
  • Click on ‘agree to the license terms & conditions’
  • Enter the product key and click ‘continue’.
  • The screen will show two options after your device is ready for the update- 1. Click on the recommended map region and 2. Go to the advanced option to select the map region
  • Click on your preferred options either to keep or remove all the stored data from the Garmin device.
  • Select the option to install updated maps on either your device or on both the device and the computer.
  • After the installation is complete, click on ‘continue’ and then click ‘exit’.

Your Garmin device is now updated and ready to use.

Common issues experienced during updates

Sometimes users may face errors such as ‘Installer not launch’ and ‘Installation failed’, while installing Garmin Express on a windows system. You can try the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • Check the particular error
  • Use your personal computer
  • Restart the PC
  • Check the system requirements
  • Unlock the installer
  • Deactivate the installed anti-virus software
  • End the Microsoft Installer process
  • Uninstall the previous version of Garmin Express from the computer system.

We believe that these steps can help you with free Garmin Map Update on your device as well as a computer system.

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