5 Quick Tips About Garmin Nuvi GPS

All the tips here are for common Garmin Nuvi GPS device models. In case you own a latest model Nuvi or a Garmin model than a Nuvi otherwise. Then the garmin nuvi tips here may be different for the specific device you have. Kindly refer the owner’s manual for the information on how to disable/enable maps and how to search in a different location as well.

You Can Navigate By The Following Methods:

  1. Street Intersection
  2. City
  3. Choosing position on the map
  4. Point of Interest (POI)
  5. Latitude & Longitude
  6. Saved way points

Before you try to navigate to any location do the follow the below procedure:

  • From GPS main screen select Tools → Settings → Map → Map. After this you can see all the maps installed on your device including new maps. Deselect all maps except one that you want to see.
  • You can simply touch ‘-‘ or ‘+’ icon to zoom in or out of a location Zoom out. If you want to see more details you can Zoom in and Zoom out to see larger areas.
  • View maps of country you are not currently located in: from main screen choose ‘Where To?’ then tap on “Near…” choose “A Different City” then tap on ‘OK’. Now simply type in the number of the city you want to see, then choose ‘Browse Map’ and you see the maps.
  • You can confirm a new map update in your garmin nuvi device for this choose “View Map” from main screen then tap ‘-‘ button Zoom out completely. Browse through the map to see a country you just updated to. You can see maps and locations by browsing the map then.


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